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Other applications of 3D Visualizations
3D visualization of a planned construction project.

Advantages of having a 3D visualization made, prior to starting your construction project:

• A visualization depicts clearly how things will look like in the end, leaving no uncertainties to worry about.
• Possible design flaws will raise to the surface, before it is too late, so you are able to cope with them in an early stage.
• The timely discovery of design flaws can save you a lot of money.
• During the process of making the 3D model, design improvements can be worked out and tested. Therefor 3D visualization is a powerful design tool.

3D visualizations as a tool for getting a construction approved.

Showing your future plans to people in charge of approving your plans can avoid many tedious discussion afterwards. A 3D visualization gives the viewer a realistic image of “things to be”.
A “before-and-after” presentation can also help to understand the exact changes to the immediate environment involved, so that everyone talks about the same details of the plan, avoiding loss of time spent on the often lengthy discussions on details that aren’t even there.
Proposal for a stable in two different orientations, clearly showing the different effect on its environment and the surrounding objects.
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Proposal for a sign on top of a roof of a building that has the status of “protected monument”.

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After viewing this visualization the construction was immediately approved.

After realization the construction looks like this: